Saudi organizations partner to draft tourism regulations

SCTA and Saudi Law Association partner for tourism regulations | Courtesy of
The Saudi Law Association at King Saud University and the Supreme Commission for Tourism and Antiquities (SCTA) recently signed an agreement to cooperate to introduce rules about tourism, antiquities and regulations to the Kingdom’s students.

The collaboration aims to organize and implement multiple education workshops at King Saudi University about the regulations of urban heritage, tourism and antiquities. The seminars will provide students with the opportunity to discuss issues about the association, and scholars will be invited to participate in the seminars as they discuss international and national events with all parties involved.

Representatives from the organizations signing the agreement were chairman of the Saudi Law Association Fahad bin Ibrahim Al Dowaian and SCTA Legal Department Director-General Faisal bin Mansur Al Fadel. At the signing, Al Fadel emphasized the agreement must increase the awareness of tourists, investors and citizens about these pertinent regulations. These rules are designed to improve tourism and protect the urban heritage and antiquities of the region.

Al Dowaian also said the partnership will unite multiple authorities in a way that best serves Saudi citizens and laws.