Parinama to expand in UAE, U.K.

Representatives from Parinama Group accept an award for Best Skill Development Programs Institute at the 24MRC Network 2015 Leaders awards. | Courtesy of Parinama Group
The Parinama Group of Companies announced on Thursday that it will be expanding its business into the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) by the end of the year.

The group has a wide spectrum of services within the information technology industry. It has applied for company registration in the U.K. and aims to complete the process in the UAE by October. Following that, the company hopes to expand into Southeast Asia.

Based in India, the company specializes in IT infrastructure, software support services, and IT security and auditing.

“The idea is that die-hard users of Parinama should be able to use it wherever they go," Founder and CEO Santosh Lohar said. "And in countries where they don’t have dedicated cost-effective end-to end IT services, they will be addicted once they discover it."

The group's focus will be on enterprise and infrastructure solutions for its international markets. The immediate goal for this effort is not to monetize on these new markets, but to bring more businesses onto its platforms and other services.

Recently the group was recognized with the Best Skill Development Programs Institute Award from the 24MRC Network 2015 Leaders Awards.