Emirates Insolaire installs world's first colored solar panels in Switzerland

The first Kromatix colored solar panels were recently installed on a building façade in Lausanne, Switzerland. | Emirates Insolaire LLC
Emirates Insolaire LLC, a joint venture between Dubai Investments and SwissINSO Holding, recently installed the world’s first colored solar panels on a building façade in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The installation of the cobalt-blue solar cells on a Romande Energie building in Lausanne could mark the beginning of a new – and more aesthetically pleasing – era in the solar energy market.

The installation cost $231,418 and will generate enough energy in a year to support two families of four people using Emirates Insolaire’s new Kromatix cells.

“The completion of Emirates Insolaire’s first project in Lausanne is a major milestone for the company,” Rafic Hanbali, managing partner of Emirates Insolaire, said. “With the Kromatix technology, the company has ushered in a paradigm shift in solar applications because of its aesthetic appeal to any building façade and efficiency due to its power-generating attributes.”

Hanbali said the company foresees major growth in the market for colorful solar cells around the world. Based on current projects, Emirates Insolaire expects to sell more than 538,000 square feet of colored solar panels in just this year.

The photovoltaic market has been growing 40 percent annually, and the demand is expected to be approximately 8.6 billion square feet of glass in 2015. 

Emirates Insolaire will command a growing share of that demand with the new Kromatix cells that generate 150 watts of power in virtually any color. The solar panels are compatible with both photovoltaic modules and solar thermal collectors.