UAE Ministry of Environment and Water plans organic agriculture seminar

UAE Ministry of Environment and Water plans organic agriculture seminar.
The United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) Ministry of Environment and Water recently partnered with Children’s City, based in Dubai, to organize and host a public awareness workshop dedicated to organic agriculture. 

The workshop is dedicated to children between seven and 12 years old. The purpose is to raise awareness concerning various environmental areas, specifically organic agriculture.

The Ministry is cooperating with the framework originally established by the National Environmental Education and Awareness Strategy 2015-2021, which was started on the 18th National Environment Day.

The workshop is designed to work in conjunction with the strategy’s first goal: to educate Emirati youth about a future filled with sustainability. The UAE’s environmental conservation policies has educating and raising awareness among coming generations as a main element. This will help humans to behave with wisdom when it comes to natural resources.

“The workshop on ‘Organic Agriculture’ is considered a motivational step towards environmental conservation as it educates children on the importance of adopting the organic agriculture system and its contributions in protecting natural resources,” Eng. Aisha Mohamed Al Abdooli, director of Education and Awareness Department, Ministry of Environment and Water, said. “The simplified explanation of the mechanism of this system will help children to learn more about the styles and techniques that can be used to preserve the environment.”