Euromoney Kuwait Conference to focus on innovation in the face of economic uncertainty

Euromoney Kuwait Conference to focus on innovation in the face of economic uncertainty.
The upcoming Euromoney Kuwait Conference will bring together the region’s investors, financial intermediaries, corporations, governments, banks and financial institutions to discuss the theme of “Innovation in Uncertain Times.”

Euromoney, the world’s leading organizer of cross-border investment and capital market conferences, chose the theme against a backdrop of global economic tension, as Kuwait seeks new ways to inject dynamism into the national economy.

This will mark the seventh Euromoney event in Kuwait as conference kicks off at the JW Marriott Hotel in Kuwait City on Sept. 15. More than four hundred delegates from government, finance, investment and regulatory organizations will be in attendance.

The focus will be on both the challenges and opportunities facing Kuwait at this crucial juncture in the country’s development.

The financial conference which will consider the fiscal outlook as well as the monetary stability of Kuwait and its developing regional partners. The event will also put focus on the role of financial innovation for success in those nations.

This year’s Euromoney Kuwait will feature live interviews and panel discussions with a range of senior policymakers, bank chairs, investors, international analysts and commentators. Conference attendees will be able to meet and discuss with Kuwait’s senior government officials and private-sector industry leaders.