Sidra Medical and Research Center details recent genomics symposium in Qatar

Sidra Medical and Research Center details recent genomics symposium in Qatar.
Qatar was the site of Sidra Medical and Research Center's Symposium on Functional Genomics that was held Dec. 13 and 14.

"Understanding the genome is the key to building a road map for better health outcomes," Dr. Ena Wang, Sidra's research chief of translational medicine, said. "Genomics research is an integral part of Sidra's research strategy, and it is our intention to host annual symposiums dedicated to genomics and beyond."

The symposium, which featured speakers, sponsors and exhibitors from around the world, gave its 350 attendees the opportunity to share insight, experiences and ideas about the latest genomic medicine trends.  

"The Functional Genomics Symposium this year was truly a unique opportunity to bring together the best minds and the best practices in genomic research and genome guided medicine, the possibilities of which will positively impact local and regional developments in genomic studies as well as advance personalized health care," Wang said.

Sidra is poised to commence major genomic studies in Qatar.

In his opening address, Sidra's vice chair of the board of governors, Ari Darzi, said that Sidra's Clinical Genomic Lab and Omic core team are on track to complete the first 1,000 whole genome sequences (WGS) by the end of 2015.

Asma Al-Thani, chair of the Qatar Genome Project Committee and vice chairperson of Qatar Biobank, was one of the event's speakers.

"Over the past 10 years, Qatar has seen a revolutionary improvement in the field of health care," he said. "Advancements in primary health care, health insurance and the establishment of the Qatar Genome Project is (sic) a continuation of our commitment and a step forward in achieving Qatar National Vision 2030."

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