Medtronic releases injection aid to quell needle-related fear among diabetics in Kuwait

Medtronic releases injection aid to quell needle-related fear among diabetics in Kuwait.
Medtronic is unveiling a new wearable device that could drastically reduce the number of injections diabetes patients need to administer.

The company announced its i-Port Advance device alongside the results of a study it commissioned that found a fear of needles to be the sixth most common fear among Kuwaiti residents.

That's not good news for the approximately 23 percent of Kuwaitis who have diabetes, since common treatment regimens include self-injections up to four times per day. Medtronic officials said the i-Port Advance, which is worn on the skin, could reduce the frequency of injections to once every three days. Patients inject their medicine into the device, rather than into their skin, and can wear the device while showering, exercising or during any other activity.

Some doctors see injection aids as an important step in addressing the relationship between patient fear and effective medicine delivery.

"Taking injections before each meal can be a psychological and physical burden due to the associated pain," Dr. Fahad Al Jasser, pediatric endocrinologist at the Amiri Hospital and Dasman Diabetes Institute, said. "Missing an insulin dose should not be an option when it comes to type one patients with diabetes. Adolescents sometimes skip a dose of insulin because they can’t face another injection -- and this can obviously have serious health consequences. Using an injection aid may decrease the risk of future injection problems, especially for younger patients, and facilitate the use of multiple daily injections, which may contribute to a decreased risk of long-term complications."

The i-Port Advance is available by prescription.

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