Canadian Specialist Hospital wins digitization award for paperless practices

Humaid Al Qatami, director-general of DHA, hands over the award to Hussein Anani, COO of Canadian Specialist Hospital.
The Dubai Health Authority recently recognized Canadian Specialist Hospital (CSH) as Dubai's most paperless medical institution.

The award focuses on how thoroughly a hospital has adjusted its record-keeping practices to meet the standards dictated by the Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model, an international standard for digital, paperless records management. Hospitals are given a score from zero to seven. Compared to all other Dubai institutions, CSH scored highest.

"For hospitals, such accurate and easily accessible data means significant improvements in overall and operations, particularly in terms of workflow, productivity and service quality," CSH Chief Operating Officer Hussein Anani said. "EMR (Electronic Medical Records) has its operational and patient safety benefits. Comprehensive, up-to-date and readily available patient information leads to better diagnosis and treatment as well as improved monitoring of patients. We were committed from day one to go completely digital, and we hope the industry also works in this direction. This will help us all to further propel the country’s health care sector."

IT Director Ali Ghunaim said the electronic system helps manage the hospital's overall operations, as well.

"Since EMR helps more accurate reporting and analysis of services, health care providers can address gaps and manage their resources better," he said. "Our efforts to implement EMR stems from our commitment to reducing medical errors and providing reliable and efficient patient care in which Canadian Specialist Hospital remains at the forefront."

CSH has been accredited since 2011 and hosts a variety of medical services, including several elite surgery facilities.

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