BCCI offers integrated peace promotion to International Peace Institute

BCCI recently presented the International Peace Institute with integrated peace promotion.

Peace and promoting responsible integration of culture were the topics discussed during a recent meeting between Khalid Almoayed, chairman of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI), and Nejib Friji, director of International Peace Institute (IPI) for the MENA region.

The two business leaders met in early February when Almoayed hosted the conversation with Friji in his office in Bait Al Tijjar. The duo spoke of establishing international peace and building a proactive society in regard to preventing societal clashes. In addition, Almoayed noted the accomplishments of the established IPI organization and its valuable efforts in promoting security and non-violence throughout the MENA region, acting as a liaison between feuding countries and leading areas of exploration and conducting studies in the region.

Finally, during the conversation between the two men, Almoayed applauded the strategy of collaboration between the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry and International Peace Institute in developing a value of non-violence. In addition, it was understood that the two organizations would have to stress the significance of adopting economic and social integration to ultimately establish the core of lasting peace.

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