Euromoney Saudi Arabia Conference to address economic reform

The 11th Euromoney Saudi Arabia Conference in Riyadh will discuss how to diversify the kingdom's economy. | Courtesy of Shutterstock

Saudi Arabia's senior bankers and government leaders are scheduled to gather in May at the 11th Euromoney Saudi Arabia Conference in Riyadh, allowing the leaders to make plans for some of the largest financial changes in this generation.

The goal of the conference is to control the ongoing economic disruption due to the decreasing oil prices and global financial upset. 

Saudi Arabia leaders intend to diversify the national economy so that it is not so dependent on its carbon sector and to plan a sustainable future for the kingdom.

Saudi Arabia's budget emphasize several important areas that need change including raising privatization, improving economic diversity and reforming subsidies.

"Decisions made in Saudi Arabia have a growing impact across the region and around the world, which is driving interest in the Euromoney Saudi Arabia Conference,” Richard Banks, consulting editor of Euromoney Conferences and managing director of RMBanks & Co. Ltd, said. “In 2015, we marked the event's 10th anniversary, and we're very pleased that the quality of attendees, speakers and discussions gets better every year. In 2016, with reform on the agenda and the pace of economic transformation picking up, we're sure the conference will provide valuable food for thought and insight into opportunities in the kingdom."