Tamkeen, BTECH partner to improve information and communications technology in Bahrain

Tamkeen and BTECH have joined forces to improve information and communications technology in Bahrain.

Tamkeen and Bahrain Technology Companies Society (BTECH) recently met to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that signifies their partnership, which was formed to find ways to support and improve information and communications technology (ICT).

The ICT industry has many firms in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Improving this industry would mean significant progress in Bahrain’s economy. Not only is this industry a part of the economy; it also affects a multitude of other businesses in the area.

The MoU demonstrates that Tamkeen is committed to supporting the initiatives that are designed to improve the private sector businesses as well as fulfill others’ needs for ICT progress in Bahrain.

Nations around the world have various kinds of ICT and support for this industry. The goal is to overcome the wide range of challenges in the field. The leaders also hope to mobilize a variety of capabilities in order to help the society become more motivated to accept and develop the options that come with ICT firms.

"We all value the importance of ICT in our daily lives, and this sector has become pivotal for development,” Tamkeen CEO Ebrahim Janahi said. “ICT advances have created a worldwide quantum leap in communication, information exchange and business facilitation."

Signees included Janahi and Obaidly Al Obaidly, the board chairman of BTECH. They signed the document at Tamkeen headquarters, in the presence of witnesses from both businesses, including other executive leaders.

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