BCCI, Bahrain Contractors Society consider sending delegation to Saudi Arabia

The Bahrain Contractors Society and BCCI recently met to discuss possibility of sending a delegation to Saudi Arabia.

The Bahrain Contractors Society recently met with the real estate sector committee of the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI). 

The real estate sector is headed by Hasan Kamal. The meeting aimed at developing a business delegation to include investors in the construction and real estate industries in Bahrain -- and to send it to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to highlight the economic and investment possibilities in Bahrain. The groups hope the delegation will bring in an influx of investments and open the doors to partnership opportunities in Saudi Arabia.

Kamal noted the importance of meshing the efforts of the two groups to offer a complete perspective of the economic environment of Bahrain, as well as the opportunities within the region and special features available to investors.

Another point made by Kamal during the meeting was the positive outlook of collaboration possibilities between the two groups given the close proximity and the long-standing relationship between leaders of both groups.

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