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E-business leaders in Iran plan for growth

The top e-business minds in Iran are working to spur innovation and curb the unemployment rate. The First Gathering of Iran’s e-Business Leaders was hosted by e-Act. “By having these kind of events in our country, we hope that we can make Iran have a more successful e-business in order to help people have better lives,” Nima Asdaghi of e-Act, told the Gulf News Journal. Read More »

Docile brings sweets to Persian Gulf

More than five years ago, Brazilian confection maker Docile started efforts to ship sweets and candy to the Gulf Cooperation Council initially targeting only Oman, however, it has since expanded to other countries in the Persian Gulf. “As of today, we do have sales and operations in several countries in the GCC region,” Cristian Ahlert, recently told the Gulf News Journal. Read More »