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Batelco teleport services in Bahrain recognized by World Teleport Association

Bahrain-based Batelco has provided a fully furnished teleport to Bahrain as part of its commitment to provide top quality teleport services to satellite and VSAT operators and putting the country on the map globally when it comes to satellite operations. Batelco was recently welcomed as an Industry Patron Member by the World Teleport Association due to the company’s achievements. Read More »

SAMENA Telecommunications Council taps Batelco Group CEO to be its vice chairman

The SAMENA (South Asia, Middle East, North Africa) Telecommunications Council recently named Batelco Group CEO Ihab Hinnawi as vice chairman of its board of top executives from the region’s leading telecommunications companies. Hinnawi's election to the board is part of the telecommunications council's effort to put a new leadership team in place. Read More »

Batelco teams up with Ericsson on region's first LTE AIR site

Batelco said that more Bahrani mobile phone users will be able to find service, thanks to the installation of the region's first LTE AIR site. AIR stands for antenna integrated radio and uses specialized towers that combine broadcasting functions that would normally require two separate towers. Batelco officials said the AIR towers are easier to install and are more energy efficient. Read More »

Bahrain teleport company Batelco extends agreement with global satellite company ABS

Bahrain-based teleport services provider Batelco has extended an agreement originally signed in 2011 with global satellite company ABS. The agreement allows ABS access to a variety of telecom services through Batelco's approximately 35,900-square-yard operational area. These services include MPLS, SDH national, international networks and Internet uplinks. Read More »

Batelco makes Huawei tech partner for Bahrain International Air Show

The Bahrain International Air Show’s official sponsor, Batelco, recently signed a deal to make Chinese telecom company Huawei the air show’s technology strategic partner. Bahrain’s Batelco and Huawei have collaborated on several projects in recent years. The collaborative relationship makes for a strong tech partnership for the Bahrain International Air Show in January. Read More »

Batelco offers new Traffic Shaping Solution for broadband customers

This first-of-its-kind technology is a virtual service that provides an array of network management solutions as well as proxies and other necessities for network policy control. Customers can choose to add such services as social networking traffic management, real-time entertainment traffic management, gaming traffic management and peer-to-peer traffic management. Read More »