Report cites job stability, higher wages for Saudi workers

In a time when the Saudi economy is struggling, there is some glimmer of light for Saudi workers, particularly native citizens. A study by the Korn Ferry Hay Group shows big increases across the board for salaries in some industries, such as high technology and transportation and logistics. The study also found that over half of Saudi nationals have held the same job for at least five years. Read More »

Baker & McKenzie Habib Al Mulla bolsters UAE arbitration resources

UAE law firm Baker & McKenzie Habib Al Mulla recently augmented its professional scope by appointing two attorneys to shore up its presence and expertise in legal, regulatory and commercial practices at its Dubai office. Dispute resolution lawyer Charlotte Bijlani was named a partner in the firm’s arbitration practice, while Joanna Matthews-Taylor was tapped as a senior associate for its employment practice. Read More »

Gulf region hotels investing in new technologies for tomorrow's traveler

Some tech leaders are pointing to bold new initiatives by hotel chains in the Middle East region as a kind of renaissance for advanced products and services. Avaya, for one, cited 40 percent growth within a six month period. In a June 19 press release, experts attributed the rise in Avaya’s business to investments that hoteliers are hoping will reap dividends. Read More »

Study finds low online banking adoption in GCC countries

As tech journalists, finance professionals and others try to read the tea leaves on the advancing technology and practices of the banking industry, researchers are getting mixed signals from some consumer markets. One example is a recent study of smartphone users in the Gulf Coast region which uncovered trends among banking customers in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the UAE. Read More »