Luxury fragrances group launches in Saudi Arabia

The reputable Consortium of International Fragrance Retailers recently launched The International Group of Luxury Fragrances in Saudi Arabia as part of an initiative to support the nation's fragrance consumers.

The organization sees this initiative as a way to improve the experiences of Saudi Arabian  consumers who use luxury fragrances in their daily routines or mix the scents for their own unique fragrance. 

Famous figures within the perfume world support the International Group of Luxury Fragrances based on its expertise and knowledge of international fragrances. They seek to use their experience in global markets to enhance the deep local sensitivity found in Saudi Arabia. The group’s goal is to enhance people’s olfactory experiences with a greater knowledge and understanding of international fragrances.

The first step of this new initiative was to make Western Oud available in malls throughout Riyadh, Dammam and Jeddah. The exhibits allowed visitors to experience a sensory journey of fragrances. 

Experts want to use cross-cultural expertise to communicate and teach the practices and values of international fragrances. Michael Edwards, the founder of Fragrance Wheel and an internationally best-selling author, will be part of the education and communicative experience.