Dubai's GAC names new leaders

William Hill has been appointed executive group vice president for oil and gas of GAC, a Dubai, United Arab Emirates-based company focused on global shipping, logistics and marine services.

"Our aim is to be more strategic, more active and more successful in this sector,” GAC President Bengt Ekstrand said. “Over the decades, GAC has built up a broad suite of assets and skills in oils and gas. With Hill's appointment, we will expand our footprint and impact as a global provider to this dynamic and demanding industry.”

Hill has been with GAC since 1984. He has worked in the company's marketing and business development departments in Kuwait and Dubai. From 1995 to 2001, he was regional manager for the Asia Pacific region. He went on to become group vice president for Logistics Services before being appointed executive group vice president for commercial services  in 2009.

Christer Sjödoff will assume group vice president for commercial services duties. He has more than 25 years of experience in the shipping, logistics and marine industry, and has been with GAC since 1993. Sjödoff has been tasked with management and operations positions in the Middle East and Asia; he has also served as regional director for the Asia Pacific and Indiana Subcontinent markets from 2002-07. After that, he was promoted to group vice president-solutions.

“The position of group vice president-commercial is a good fit with Sjödoff’s energy and entrepreneurial flair," Ekstrand said. "With him at the helm, we shall bring together under a single umbrella all the essential tools we need to develop our business products and services to serve the changing needs of our customers.”

Both appointments were effective May 1.