Dubai Chamber opens Give & Gain Day 2015 registration

The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s ENGAGE Dubai initiative recently opened registration for the fifth annual Give & Gain Day, the largest and most prestigious volunteering program for employees.

As part of the celebration, ENGAGE Dubai will allow employees to volunteer even if it is during regular work hours. This will allow the employees to make lasting differences in issues that are most important to schools, universities, community groups, charities and business communities.

Give & Gain Day is meant to celebrate the potential and power of employees who volunteer around the world. It is a part of Dubai Chamber’s actions to encourage businesses to be responsible while spreading culture that encourages corporate social responsibility. The organization hopes to inspire further volunteer work throughout the wider business community.

The original purpose behind Give & Gain Day was to help companies collaborate with similar organizations as they volunteer their time and expertise for the greater good of the broader community. The volunteer services make lasting positive impacts on various parts of society.

The event is scheduled for May 14. It has been organized by the Chamber’s Centre for Responsible Business as well as the Business in the Community U.K.