Radixweb's IT solutions are popular at COMEX 2015

Radixweb’s innovative Software Product Development Competency and Insurance Software Solutions were a big hit at COMEX 2015 in Oman from April 27 to May 1.

COMEX 2015, the region’s leading (information and communications technology) ICT trade fair, featured hundreds of technology vendors and more than 120,000 visitors including the participation of private and public institutions at Oman International Exhibition Centre.

“The COMEX ICT event breaks new ground each year showcasing the demand to innovate and easily transform,” Radixweb Chief Operating Officer Dharmesh Acharya said. “With a clear focus on building a techno-centric cities, Oman's commitment towards this gives us a concrete business opportunity to expand our footprints into the Middle East region and work closely to deliver software product development best practices.”

Pratik Mistry, senior business head at Radixweb, said the Radixweb Insurance Software Solutions and Industry benchmark for Software Maintenance Services was eye-catching on the exhibition floor.

"Radixweb aims to lead the way towards technology advancement and business automation by catering IT solutions that thrive on continuous improvements and deployment of state-of-the-art technology changes. We look forward to have a strong presence in Middle East Region with long term business tie-ups and partnership,” Mistry said. “The five-day event brought fruitful occasions for us to showcase our innovative industry specific solutions and software product development competency, delivering a competitive edge to entrepreneurs and organizations at the global level.”