Abu Dhabi Ports buys two new mobile harbor cranes

As part of a continuing upgrade, Abu Dhabi Ports recently invested in two new mobile harbor cranes to help manage the rising volume of cargo more efficiently and quickly.

The new Liebherr cranes were made in Austria and can lift 65 tons. Liebherr shipped the cranes from Western Europe to Zayed Port, along with specialist engineers. These engineers collaborated with the engineering team at Zayed Port to build the cranes and explain the high-tech equipment. The entire process took approximately one month to complete.

In 2014, Abu Dhabi Ports handled record-breaking volumes of general cargo, a total of 12.8 million freight tons -- a 37 percent rise over 2013 volume, Gary Lemke, executive vice president of Abu Dhabi Ports, said.

“General cargo is a growing sector for our ports, covering everything from grain to animal feeds, to concrete and building sand...and we expect this growth to continue," Lemke said. "These new cranes will increase our productivity levels, enable us to improve our operational processes and ensure that we continue to meet and exceed the growing needs of our customers.”

The ongoing upgrade extends to all general cargo-handling equipment in Musaffah, Khalifa and Zayed Ports.