Wynyard Group sees growth as it brings crime-fighting software to GCC clients

Crime is evolving. As technological breakthroughs make global commerce faster and more connected – the criminal underworld has kept up, finding ways to harness new technology to commit ever more complex crimes.

Wynyard Group is a high-tech anti-crime firm. They have operations in UAE, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, America and Canada. Their holdings in the UAE are primed for growth.

Craig Richardson, CEO of Wynyard Group, recently gave an interview to Gulf News Journal. He said the world of high-stakes crime is changing, with transnational organized crime, cyber-crime and terrorism all blending together.

With its strategic location, and critical, high-value infrastructure investments, the Gulf region is especially attractive to criminal organizations selecting targets.

“We are seeing a high demand for our software solutions to solve these problems,” Richardson said.

The company develops software that harnesses big data – governments, financial institutions and anti-terrorism organizations are all clients of the firm.

Big data is a method of pulling together all manner of data – for example, web traffic, social media content, transactions and other seemingly unrelated bits of information – and seeking patterns or connections that aren’t immediately obvious. The technique is used to track everything from video streaming habits to infectious disease; Wynyard Group has found a way to harness data to fight crime.

One software solution is called “Person of Interest.” The company says it can be used to manage investigations, locate suspects and find hidden connections between people and places. Wynyard’s anti-fraud software works in much the same way, sifting through thousands of financial transactions looking for items thieves might be trying to hide.

The company sets itself apart from competitors through its people.

“We managed to secure senior crime experts from around the world,” he said. The Wynyard team includes operatives from top governmental agencies on several continents, as well as industry experts who have made a career at tracking criminals and preventing crime.

The three-year-old company is bringing that expertise to clients in the GCC, where clients are very interested in solutions with proven track records. Richardson says the company’s portfolio in the region is increasing 100 percent per year.

The company estimates the crime fighting software and services market to be as large as $US8 billion, according to a written statement.

Richardson was chosen to accompany New Zealand Prime Minister John Key as a member of an 18-member New Zealand business delegation to the GCC recently.

For more information on the firm, visit www.wynyardgroup.com