Abu Dhabi security-force delegation learns from Rome's police units

A delegation from Abu Dhabi's Security Support Department, a police unit, concluded its visit to Rome on Wednesday after learning about the city's “First Force” division, part of the Italian Carabinieri's  Mobile Unit Division, which is responsible for public security tasks.

Col. Khaled Saleed Al Shamesi, head of the Security Support Department, led the delegation. Col. Baldassare Daidone, commander of the VIII Army Corps at the Italian Carabinieri, greeted the delegation when it arrived in Rome and explained his unit and its work.

The delegation also watched a documentary that emphasized the Mobile Unit Division’s “First Force” tasks of the Italian Carabinieri and other Italian task forces. The Abu Dhabi delegation also saw a live training presentation and was given a tour of the Equipment and Vehicles Department, as well as the Weapons Section.

General Vincenzo Di Trolio, commander of the “First Force” Mobile Unit Division at the Italian Carabinieri, met with the delegation. The leaders discussed further ways the two police forces can share experiences and hold more cooperative efforts in the training field. Di Trolio praised the efficiency of the security services and police in the United Arab Emirates, as well as their impact globally. Di Trolio promised future exchange visits that will further improve international relations and cooperation between the two countries and their police forces.