Rock Automation launches Safety Maturity Index

Rock Automation recently released its Safety Maturity Index (SMI) tool to assist manufacturers in achieving their best-in-class safety performance goals.

The new tool offers insights about how and where manufacturers need to optimize their safety practices. These changes will help the manufacturers to improve their overall plant safety performances. Manufacturers will be able to see how their company measures in compliance, capital and safety culture. The SMI can be used in any industry, in any location and in any plant size around the world.

The tool is a self-guided assessment that will enable manufacturers to have a better understanding about the effectiveness of their current safety programs and about how to improve those programs.

There are three principal components for a safe workplace: compliance (procedural), culture (behavioral) and capital (technical). All three of these are interdependent and crucial for sustainable, strong safety programs in workplaces.

“The benefits of optimizing safety through the SMI assessment can result in fewer injuries and fines, as well as improved plant productivity, greater efficiencies and enhanced employee morale,” Mark Eitzman, safety market development manager for Rockwell Automation, said. “Achieving best-in-class safety performance begins with assessing current practices companywide, and now customers can do this on their own.”