Al Menhali reaffirms Interior Ministry's commitment to technology

Maj. Gen. Mohammed bin Al Awadhi Al Menhali, the United Arab Emirates' Interior Ministry's assistant undersecretary of resources and support services, recently confirmed that police leadership is committed to furthering its human resources sector, a foundational portion of all development processes.

Al Menhali emphasized the UAE government is interested in streamlining procedures while supporting the expansion of various applicable smart services to expedite its transition to a "Smart Government." To do so, he encouraged further innovations of smart devices and technologies that will improve the quality of services that the UAE offers to both staff members and the public.

He also praised the UAE and its visionary leaders for their mutual endeavors to implement cutting-edge technologies as well as world-class applications to practical situations and policies.

“In modern organizations, the key to successful management is effective participative decision-making between leaders and employees, in addition to the open-door policy, and activating communication channels with employees, and leveraging their feedback to develop and improve decisions,” Al Menhali said.

These remarks occurred at a forum hosted by the Abu Dhabi Police Officers Club. Attendees included staff members from the Human Resources and Support Services departments.