Jamal shares advice at Arab Media Forum 2015

The founder and executive producer of Barajoun Entertainment, an animation and visual effects studio based in Dubai, recently shared his insights in a presentation at the 14th annual Arab Media Forum 2015.

The event, which was organized by the Dubai Press Club, was hosted at the Madinat Jumeirah May 12-13. It was titled “New Perspectives” and involved more than 2,000 media intellectuals, elites and researchers from around the world.

Ayman Jamal was one of the most prominent speakers in the “20-Minute Talks” sessions during the event. He used this opportunity to discuss the film production gap throughout the region and introduced Bilal, the soon-to-be-released animated feature from Barajoun Entertainment.

“The Arab region in general and the UAE -- specifically Dubai -- need to establish a more impactful presence in the global film production industry,” Jamal said. “Small efforts have already begun to cause ripples with local film festivals gaining international renown, and with the government of Dubai putting in place an enabling environment for interested filmmakers. However, much remains to be achieved. The world of animated film, for instance, is an exemplary platform to communicate enchanting stories with powerful messages. These films can showcase global and social values, and help build bonds that transcend borders.”