Mashreq wins five Insight Middle East Call Center Awards

Mashreq, one of the United Arab Emirates' leading financial and banking institutions, was recognized for its stellar commitment to providing excellent customer service by winning five awards on Thursday at the annual Insight Middle East Call Center Awards 2015 in Dubai.

The awards cover strategic and operational divisions, as well as highlight Mashreq’s strong commitment to providing superior service and products to customers.

“It is thrilling to be recognized for our efforts in providing the highest quality of services and facilities to our customers," Anindo Bhattacharya, head of the direct banking center at Mashreq, said. "These kinds of commendations serve as a reminder of trust and appreciation from our customers, and motivate us to strive harder to improve our commitments and services. Maintaining customer satisfaction and trust may seem like a simple goal, but it takes immense dedication and determination. Such an honor makes the journey to market-leading excellence rewarding and allows us to perfect our propositions, services and delivery to our customers."

Mashreq is the only bank to win awards in top categories among other industries, such as telecommunication, retail, hospitality and airlines, among others.

"Winning such titles is both rewarding and challenging at the same time," Bhattacharya said. "Along with showing us that our efforts are being appreciated, it also challenges us to constantly innovate, enhance and make the customer experience better and better each day."