SKEA organizes 15 cycle workshops and seminars

The office of Sheikh Kahlifa Excellence Award (SKEA) has organized workshops and series for its 14th cycle of the SKEA award.

During the last two months, SKEA leaders began to develop the awards program that contributes to the region’s social and economic development and also raise the competitive capabilities of the United Arab Emirates' and Abu Dhabi’s businesses in the private sector.

Over 100 companies attend the event. These companies are from diverse social, economic and services industries, and many are experts and award consultants who are invited by the higher committee of SKEA. 

There will be a wide variety of options at SKEA, including presentations about the best practices in various industries. These will be presented by previous award-winning companies from other cycles to encourage other participants to further the quality and excellence of their companies. Many of these winners implemented the SKEA model and therefore achieved much success in their businesses.

Professor Hadi Al Tijani, the general coordinator of SKEA, said these seminars are dedicated to people involved in the banking, construction, health, education, finance, and oil and gas industries.