Al-Futtaim Motors, Cars Taxi gains 55 Toyota Camry Hybrids in Dubai

Al Futtaim Motors, the exclusive distributer of Toyota vehicles in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), recently received 55 more Toyota Hybrid Camrys for its Cars Taxi Group of companies.

The newest cars expand the company's current Camry fleet between Dubai and Abu Dhabi to 100 vehicles while keeping in line with the company's goal of being an environmentally friendly taxi service provider.

“The Toyota Hybrid Camry has proven its credentials the world over,” Jon Williams, managing director at Al-Futtaim Motors, said. “In the UAE, the car has performed admirably in the field, speeding up the cycle of reaching the Dubai Vision 2021 goals of a more sustainable society, while contributing to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions and increasing our reliance of renewable energy sources rather than fossil fuels.”

A private taxi service, Cars Taxi Group saw a 31 percent reduction in fuel savings per car over a 13-month period after the first fleet of 29 hybrid Camrys were delivered.

“Our initial fleet of 29 Hybrid Camry vehicles has saved more than 278,916 liters of fuel over a period of 13 months, saving approximately 47g per kilometer in CO2 emission in the process, a significant benefit to the UAE environment,” Abdullah Sultan Al Sabbagh, CEO at Cars Taxi Group, said. “For us, the cost savings are substantial, with over [$136,126] in fuel cost savings per year. This definitely makes the Hybrid Camry our preferred fleet choice across the UAE, offering not only considerable reduction in fuel, but also helping to meet decreased emissions requirements.”