Abu Dhabi Chamber creates new committees for different economic sectors

The Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce is forming five specialized committees to answer the needs of different economic sectors, many of which face challenges meeting the economic and social development process laid out in Abu Dhabi’s Economic Vision 2030.

The new committees are aimed at increasing communication between the chamber and private-sector businesses, which have to adapt their sustainable and comprehensive economic and social development processes to hit the emirate’s economic goals for 2030.

Along with better communication, the chamber will work to identify specific problems private-sector companies are encountering and recommend solutions to authorities. The Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce also plans annual forums, seminars and workshops that will help develop the rules and regulations of the emirate’s economy.

The five committees include the Real-Estate Sector Committee, the Industrial Sector Committee, the Vocational Sector Committee, the Services Sector Committee and the Trade Sector Committee.

Each of the committees is responsible for studying hurdles that stand in the path of businesses, and forming solutions for both businesses and regulators. They also will observe positive and negative practices in companies in order to analyze them and suggest effective solutions.

In addition, the committees will be on the lookout for new investment opportunities in those sectors that will be passed on to companies that might take advantage of new projects.