Health Majlis offered at Medeor 24x7 Hospital

For the first time, Medeor 24x7 Hospital in Dubai is providing Medeor Ramadan Health Majlis to observe people’s health during their Ramadan fast and guarantee good health and safety.

During Ramadan, a holy month in the Islam faith, many Muslims fast throughout the daylight hours, beginning at dawn and ending at sunset, in order to achieve physical, mental and spiritual cleansing. 

The idea of a Ramadan Majlis is not new to the UAE, as there have been tents with similar goals spread throughout the country in previous years, but this is the first time that a Health Majlis is being provided by a hospital within the UAE.

“The Prophet said, ‘When the month of Ramadan arrives, the doors of mercy are opened,’” Shajir Gaffar, CEO of VPS Healthcare for Dubai and the Northern Emirates, said. “This is reflected in the culture and traditions of the UAE. The Medeor Ramadan Health Majlis aims to enhance the healthy living habits of people. Keeping in line with these customs in the spirit of Ramadan, we decided to contribute to the community through a health Majlis. Most people will not avail of these simple check-ups which can help detect a more serious health problem due to financial constraints and lack of time. 

"We hope through the Health Majlis people will focus on improving their health," he said. "If practiced properly, fasting during the Holy Month of Ramadan can have many health benefits. The Health Majlis seeks to promote these benefits which include fasting allows our digestive system to rest and detoxifies the body while promoting greater mental clarity. It also leads to increased energy levels and the heightened spirituality during the Holy Month results in tranquility of the heart and mind.”