Nokia, Zain KSA combine networks in Saudi Arabia

The Nokia and Zain KSA mobile networks recently completed Saudi Arabia’s first carrier aggregation, combining the 1800 and 2100 MHz bandwidths to yield increased network speed.

Carrier aggregation lets operators create bigger carrier bandwidths for telecommunication services by combining separate spectrum bands, which boosts network capacity and speed.

Using its carrier aggregation software, Nokia Networks helped Zain KSA achieve the highest possible network efficiency and data rates in the western regions of Saudi Arabia where Zain has been working to increase service.

"Our carrier aggregation solution is capable of helping Zain KSA provide better network performance with higher throughput and speeds while reducing capital expenditure,” Bernard Najm, Nokia vice president, said. “We will help Zain KSA become a technology leader in the Saudi market and provide the Saudi customers with the world-class service experience."

Demand for ever-more capacity is increasing around the world and is driven largely by the growing use of mobile video. The booming Saudi economy is putting mobile technology in the hands of people from all walks of life, who are starting to use media more intensively.

The expectation of network service in Saudi Arabia is rising accordingly. Nokia Networks predicts global data traffic will grow by more than a thousand times by 2020. Enhancements such as carrier aggregation projects will make it possible to meet that demand.