Joyalukkas Exchange opens 4 new branches in Kuwait

Four new Joyalukkas Exchange branches have opened in Kuwait.
Four new Joyalukkas Exchange branches have opened in Kuwait.
Joyalukkas Exchange is expanding its money exchange services in Kuwait with the opening of four new branches around the nation.

Joyalukkas, an Indian firm well known as a jewelry outlet, moved into the money exchange business in 2006 as a way to provide foreign currency exchange and remittance services to the many expatriates living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Now the company is expanding across the Gulf region, with Kuwait as the center of its latest push.

New locations have opened in Kuwait City’s famous Souk Al-Mubarakiya bazaar and Panasonic Tower. Other branches launched in the Kuwait City suburb of Farwaniya and in Salmiya on the Kuwaiti coast.

“The four new Joyalukkas Exchange centers will make it more convenient for Kuwait residents, and we plan to add more soon so that we become accessible in every nook and corner of the Kuwait,” Joy Alukkas, Joyalukkas Group chairman, said.

Meanwhile, another two branches of Joyalukkas Exchange opened in the UAE. The growth is driven by the company’s reputation for innovative financial service solutions and a track record of meeting the demands of millions of expats.

“Joyalukkas Exchange stands for trust, convenience, best rates and innovative solutions, and I am proud to represent the favorite money exchange of millions of people,” Indian actor Padma Shri Jayaram, who was on hand in Kuwait to inaugurate the new exchanges, said.