Viper Networks obtains product certification, approval from Saudi Arabia

Troy, Michigan-based Viper Networks, Inc. in partnership with Apollo Metro Solutions, Inc., recently secured product approval and certification for Saudi Arabia's eastern province municipalities.

"The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has 13 provinces in total, and we will be focusing on getting the certification for all of them in the next few months," a press release from the company said. "Saudi Arabia has the largest market in the Middle East for LED street lights as it is projected to grow up to 25 billion USD in the next decade."

Included in the certification was Viper's Intelligent LED lighting technology as well as its Wireless Street Light Control for LED Street Lights.

Viper's pilot programs in Lebanon are in the final stages.

"We expect the engineering team to collect all data and measurements by the end of July," Viper said in the press release. "After that we will certify the product for all municipalities."

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