GLOBALFOUNDRIES acquires IBM's microelectronics unit

GLOBALFOUNDRIES said this week that it has completed its purchase of IBM’s microelectronics business.

IBM has created top-notch capabilities for both high-performance silicon-germanium (SiGe) and RF silicon-on-insulator (RSFOI) technologies. Both of these technologies complement the company’s preexisting mainstream technology offerings.

This acquisition enables GLOBALFOUNDRIES to use different technologies that will improve its product offerings within crucial markets, including Internet of Things (IoT), mobility, high-performance computing and Big Data.

This purchase enhances GLOBALFOUNDRIES' work force, as it accumulates years of expertise and experience in semiconductor creation, design, device expertise and production. The acquisition also adds over 16,000 applications and patents, making the company the owner of one of the biggest semiconductor patent portfolios around the world.

By adding innovative engineers and scientists to its semiconductor unit, GLOBALFOUNDRIES has established its strong standing with advanced process technologies at 7nm, 10nm and higher.

“Today, we have significantly enhanced our technology-development capabilities and reinforced our long-term commitment to investing in R&D for technology leadership,” Sanjay Jha, CEO of GLOBALFOUNDRIES, said. “We have added world-class technologists and differentiated technologies, such as RF and ASIC, to meet our customers’ needs and accelerate our progress toward becoming a foundry powerhouse.”

GLOBALFOUNDRIES plans to continue investing in its technologies to meet customer demand and expand its business.