ezyQatar.com draws IT telecom companies with search features

IT telecom providers in Qatar have found a new partner in ezyQatar.com, an online business ad directory.

ezyQatar.com is touting its search engine functions, which company leaders say provides consumers with the information they need about which products and services to buy, while helping companies get exposure in their target markets.

The website does that by guaranteeing that businesses that sign up to advertise on the site are featured prominently in search results.

“We believe in creating win-win situations for service providers and customers as well,” one high-ranking company official said. “When they hit the specifics and put in their terms in the search box, our website shows them ample results on that particular webpage. The search results further flaunt reviews and ratings, for making it easier for customers to understand the type of services provided by a seller or service provider.”

The official went on to say ezyQatar.com urges users to take the review process on services seriously and answer honestly as such ratings have the power to affect market opinions on businesses. That ethic is attractive for companies that rely on word-of-mouth reputations.

The advertising portal hopes the search engine function will attract more IT telecom companies that specialize in server care and management, media marketing, website creation, website development, systems integration, IT consulting, and other similar services.