Qnbn receives ISO quality management certification

Qnbn CEO Ahmed Al-Sulaiti, left, and BSI general manager Omar Rashid
Qnbn CEO Ahmed Al-Sulaiti, left, and BSI general manager Omar Rashid | British Standards Institution
The Qatar National Broadband Network (Qnbn) recently received the International Organization for Standardization's (ISO) 9001:2008 quality management rating certification from the British Standards Institute (BSI).

The ISO certification means the company is committed to operate under internationally recognized principles that guarantee strong customer focus, motivation and implication of top management, a process approach, and continual improvement.

Qnbn partnered with the British Standards Institute to bring the company up to ISO standards through training courses, assessment and software solutions. 

Qnbn CEO Ahmed Al-Sulaiti said receiving the ISO rating is a big win for the company. Al-Sulaiti said following the quality management principles will help Qnbn ensure that customers get consistent, good-quality services.

“Receiving the … certification is a great milestone,” Al-Sulaiti said. “We invested a great deal of effort in perfecting our internal processes to be able to offer the best value in all our dealings with different customers. The certification is yet another testament to our commitment to quality in everything we do.”

Qnbn’s job isn’t done though. The ISO certification process must continually be renewed, and there is a yearly audit process to ensure companies with the rating keep up to quality management standards.