Yardi chosen as Dalma Mall’s platform management system

Abu Dhabi real estate company Developers LLC has selected Yardi LLC as its retail management platform for its development project, Dalma Mall. The mall has a total gross leasable area of 150,000 sqm, which includes 400 stores, over 6,500 parking spaces, cinema, game zone, food court, restaurants and cafes.

Yardi will introduce the Voyager 7S and Yardi Commercial LeasingPad to help manage the new property. Said Haider, Yardi regional sales director, spoke with Gulf News Journal about the products and how they will help manage the country’s largest retail mall.

Gulf News Journal: What does the new partnership with Dalma Mall mean for Yardi?

Haider: Dalma Mall's vision is to become Abu Dhabi’s favorite shopping and touristic destination and beyond that the leading shopping mall developer in the GCC. They reviewed multiple software vendors and chose Yardi as a partner who understands what they need to succeed and complements their abilities to accomplish their long-term goals. We are honored to be Dalma Mall's partner of choice and we look forward to a long-lasting partnership.

Gulf News Journal: Tell us about the Yardi Voyager 7S platform and how it addresses retail property needs in the GCC.

Haider: Voyager is an end-to-end property and financial management platform for office, retail, and residential real estate, automating processes with role-based dashboards, workflows, critical date notifications, and analytics. Enabling faster and more efficient execution of property operation strategies, Voyager helps drive improved analysis and decision-making and delivers maximum transparency across your business.

Voyager makes it simple to track sales and charge percentage rents. The tenant retail parameters allow you to easily define sales types and reporting and billing frequencies and breakpoints, including an automatic calculation of natural breakpoints. The overage function automatically calculates and creates your percentage rent charges. Retail analytics provide up-to-the-minute reporting on sales, including MTD, YTD, moving annual total (MAT) comparisons and tenant occupancy costs.

Gulf News Journal: What is the Yardi Commercial LeasingPad? How does it work, and how will it help manage Dalma Mall in Abu Dhabi?

Haider: Yardi Commercial LeasingPad is an easy-to-use, tablet-based solution that leverages the Yardi Voyager platform and Microsoft Outlook to provide property managers and leasing agents with mobile access to real-time prospect, tenant, and property information. Yardi Commercial LeasingPad eliminates duplicate data entry by automating the leasing process from lead generation through proposal creation and lease execution, and delivers a 360 degree view into all leasing and property management activities. Yardi Commercial LeasingPad would help Dalma Mall shorten the leasing lifecycle and drive greater efficiency with a fully mobile solution that combines contact and prospect management with portfolio health analytics and business intelligence.

Gulf News Journal: How does the software address specific needs of the GCC's real estate industry?

Haider: Each country often poses unique challenges, and the countries in the Middle East are no different. Yardi has spent a lot of time working with real estate companies operating in the Middle East to understand the unique regional requirements. Yardi in turn has taken these requirements and built them into Voyager as core functionality. The Yardi Voyager platform provides our clients with a localized leasing process and controls, tenancy contracts and renewal notices per the local law, enhanced Post-Dated-Cheques Controls, credit control mechanisms (Inclusive of un-cleared PDC’s) and many others.