CL2 laboratory suite being developed in Doha

Technickon specializes in cleanrooms and controlled environments.
Technickon specializes in cleanrooms and controlled environments.
United Kingdom-based Technickon personnel will be clean room design consultants and project managers for a specialist diagnostics company's new 150m2 CL2 laboratory suite in Doha, Qatar.

The facility will be comprised of 3 CL2 laboratories, as well as support rooms. This will make it possible for the research company to vacate its current leased facility and design a custom location.

Technickon will provide the company with complete design and management services. The new facility will adhere to all safety standards necessary when dealing with dangerous pathogens, and will also be a sanitary site for the performance of a variety of delicate tests.

"By engaging Technickon during the early stages of design we can ensure the facility encompasses all requirements and is built and tested to achieve all applicable standards on time and on budget," a research company representative said.

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