Software AG launches big data analytics tool

Software AG, Germany’s second-largest software company, launched its new Big Data Predictive Analytics tool this month, allowing businesses to harness large-scale data collection to anticipate and act on critical insights.

The new tool is a part of the company’s Digital Business Platform and incorporates Zementis ADAPA (Adaptive Decision and Predictive Analytics) into the software. That means customers have access to a centralized platform for business insight and analytics.

Zementis ADAPA is a very fast-deployment platform and scoring engine for predictive analytics. The technology uses specially engineered algorithms to discover Big Data patterns that might predict similar outcomes in the future.

Wolfram Jost, Software AG’s chief technology officer, touted the impressive impacts the new tool can have for businesses that must constantly plan for the future.

“The ability to predict what is likely to happen next is essential to satisfying customers, improving operations and beating the competition,” Jost said. “Predictive analytics uses patterns found in historical and real-time data to indicate what is ahead. The addition of predictive analytics enhances the capabilities of our Digital Business Platform and enables enterprises to identify and act on future risks and opportunities in terms of revenue, resources, output and more.”

Jost said the company’s new big data analytics product is aimed at giving businesses an edge over the competition with the ability to play a role in predictive maintenance, smart metering and manufacturing, supply chain optimization, fraud detection, and numerous other applications.