Viper Networks, Apollo Metro finish LED lighting at Jeddah Saudi Arabia University

Viper Networks, in partnership with Apollo Metro Solutions, said on Thursday that it has completed an extensive LED-lighting pilot project for the Jeddah Saudi Arabia University Solar light campus.

Having recently obtained LED lighting certification in municipalities throughout Saudi Arabia's eastern provinces, Viper Networks will follow up that success with innovative lighting programs in Western Saudi Arabia, including an ambitious project that's designed to provide LED lighting for the greater Jeddah area's 11 college and university campuses. LED lighting will be added to the campuses themselves, as well as in other high-traffic areas, such as student housing and parking lots. Viper Networks also will replace the traditional street lights with energy-saving LED street lights, which, thanks to Apollo Metro's Intelligent LED lighting technology, consume up to 70 percent less energy than their traditional counterparts.

The initial cost of the project is estimated at $500,000 for the initial installation. Next year, as the project expands to multiple orders across several projects, the cost is expected to rise to $10 million.

For additional information on Apollo Metro's Intelligent LED lighting technology or the ongoing campus lighting project, visit or