KidzMondo to build edutainment theme park in Saudi Arabia


The edutainment indoor theme park KidzMondo has signed a franchise agreement with Abdul Rahman Saad Al-Rashid and Sons Co. Ltd to establish seven parks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The investment of over $133 million will be the largest education, entertainment and learning project in the Kingdom.

“Family life is very important in Saudi society, and the way in which families behave in public,” said Jihad Harb, franchise director at KidzMondo Holding S.A.L. “Although the significance of the extended family is slowly declining within the Kingdom; the nuclear family phenomena became very strong, driving a high demand for family entertainment within a safe and private environment, which in turn requires certain designs of facility.”

KidzMondo theme parks are the largest Family Entertainment Centers in the Middle East. The theme parks are dedicated to children aged 2 to 14 years old, and provide cities with both entertainment and education at the same time. The city is a reflection of the place it is built in with local brands and shops, street blocks, buildings and traffic lights.

Children are part of a fully immersive experience where spending money is earned by working in one of 80 establishments. The theme park offers more than 120 activities that allow the children to both play and learn at the same time.

“Kidz Mondo uniqueness and what differentiate it from other FEC in the region is by educating our kids while simultaneously entertaining them,” said Harb. “We provide the best quality services for children, by allowing them to play adult roles in a highly realistic environment, hence incorporating real life values.”

The theme park aims to teach children to contribute positively to individual communities and to the environment as a whole. They have achieved this by creating a curriculum that was developed by and continues to be under constant review by the Lebanese American University. The activities created address cognitive development, emotional development, psychomotor development and social development.

KidzMondo will open their first branch in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh in 2017, and will complete the final of seven branches by 2026. Currently the theme parks are in Lebanon, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates, with deals for parks in Qatar, Azerbaijan and Kuwait.