Grace Century selected to make presentation

United Arab Emirates-based private equity consulting company Grace Century was among only three technology-focused firms selected to make presentations to an assemblage of high net-worth individuals on July 30 in Singapore.

Grace's focus is on health care technology. Presently, Grace is collaborating with Provia Laboratories on a project to develop dental stem-cell storage systems and with The Quantum group to put in place intelligent health care technology platforms to host electronic medical records.

"We have seen tremendous activity from Asian investors looking at our projects during 2015 and especially since we increased our footprint in the region last month via a series of seminars in Singapore," Grace Century CEO and director of research Scott Wolf said. "We believe the heightened interest is a combination of softness in local Singaporean real estate market and volatility in Chinese investment markets, as well as the obvious opportunities that our projects offer."

Brian Yim, founder and owner of MillionaireAsia group, agreed.

"We are always on the lookout for companies with a solid and scalable business model that would be of interest (to) our investors, therefore we are delighted to collaborate with Grace Century," Yim said. "MillionaireAsia has a database of 130,000 high and ultra-high net worth investors in 15 countries, and Grace Century's exciting projects have been carefully identified as compelling investment opportunities to present to our sophisticated audience, as well as giving Grace Century the opportunity to expand its member base from pre-chosen, accredited individuals."