Skipton expands UK buy-to-let mortgages to Brits living in Kuwait

Skipton International, an offshore bank, has expanded its United Kingdom buy-to-let mortgages to British expats residing in Kuwait.

The bank introduced its lending products a year ago, and since that time many clients from the Gulf Region have expressed interest. Obtaining a buy-to-let mortgage as a British expat can be a challenge; the need was addressed by Skipton, which has been serving deposit account customers in more than 100 countries across the globe for nearly two decades.

"We pride ourselves on our personal service and work hard to ensure we are offering customers what they need," director of lending at the Channel Island bank Nigel Pascoe said. "That’s why after a lot of interest from the Gulf region, we decided to open up these mortgages to Kuwaiti based British expats. We have also recently extended these mortgages to retirees as we know people are eager to take advantage of the long-term price inflation seen in the UK housing market, and keen to diversify their portfolios with the potential for further economic uncertainty."

According to the UK Government's English Housing Survey, the need for buy-to-let landlords in the UK is on the increase, as is the private rental market.