Bukamal invests in Sage's CRM system

Bukamal Conglometare has announced that the company will invest in Sage’s customer relationship management (CRM) technology.

The company successfully installed Sage CRM with the help of Fakhroo Information Technology Services after seeing the need for automated sales processes for its customer relationship projects.

“We did not have a system in place for sales data collection and automation of creating reports to help us keep track of all our projects, and this impacted our ability to streamline our services,” Hassan Ansari, executive manager for Bukamal, said.

The decision was reinforced by its easy-to-use setup and installation processes, after seeing the implementation of the modules happen in phases, with testing and revisions as required. The team also went under training to familiarize themselves with the system.

Bukumal -- an industry leader in retail, power and energy, properties, security, construction and industrial supplies in the Gulf Council of Countries -- offers solutions and services to the building and power protection industries with a primary focus on quality service and customer experience.