Warid Telecom offers Pakistani pilgrims roaming charge discounts in Saudi Arabia

Warid Telecom, the Pakistan-based telecommunications provider, is now offering customers traveling to Saudi Arabia an 85 percent discount on international roaming charges.

All Warid postpaid and prepaid customers will be entitled to the discount to accommodate Pakistanis traveling to holy sites in Saudi Arabia for Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages.

To get the discounted roaming rates, Warid customers in Saudi Arabia can set their phone’s preferred network to STC (Saudi Telecom Company).

Warid customers on pilgrimage will get the discounted rate of 15 rupees per minute plus tax for incoming calls from loved ones in Pakistan. Customers calling home to Pakistan will pay a rate of 19 rupees per minute, plus tax.

Warid postpaid customers can also get discounted roaming charges on data, with an internet usage rate of 13 rupees per Megabyte. Data users will be able to connect via Warid's International GPRS roaming service.

Neither special subscriptions or short codes are required to get the discounted rates with STC. Customers can take their Warid SIM card along and connect seamlessly to the STC network.

STC’s reputation as one the best voice and data service providers has given the company the largest subscriber base in Saudi Arabia, which makes the company a valuable partner for Warid’s discounted roaming plans for pilgrims.