Islamic tourism to grow 11 percent over next five years

Islamic tourism to grow 11 percent in the next five years.
Islamic tourism to grow 11 percent in the next five years.
Islamic tourism across the globe will increase its market share by 11 percent by 2020 according to a new study published by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry; the recent analysis was based on data from prominent global research agencies forecasts a growing demand for Islamic tourism.

MasterCard data shows the global Islamic travel market was estimated to be worth $145 billion in 2014, as the number of Muslim tourists hit 108 million worldwide. That makes up ten percent of total global tourism.

That market share is projected to reach 11 percent in the next five years with the number of Muslim tourists reaching 150 million. Expenditures by that market are expected to be in the neighborhood of $200 billion.

The biggest factors driving growth in Islamic tourism are the above average population growth rate in predominantly Muslim countries and healthy economic growth of Muslim communities in emerging economies.

The Islamic travel market focuses on catering to the specific requirements of the Muslim tourist’s lifestyle. One of the most important of those requirements are Halal meal options, as well as halal-certified restaurants. Other factors that draw Islamic tourism are family-friendly environments, facilities for religious practice and gender-related nuances like separate spas and gyms.

The booming Islamic tourism industry is sure to see an uptick in visitors to those kinds of family-friendly and non-partying destinations, which will likely spark increased branding and marketing efforts to draw Muslim visitors to such places.

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