Ghassan Aboud Cars kicks off year with new global automotive export industry expansions

Chairman Ghassan Aboud during the official ribbon-cutting ceremony in November for Ghassan Aboud Cars new HQ in Jebel Ali Freezone. Alongside him is JAFZA Chief Operating Officer Talal al Hashimi.
Chairman Ghassan Aboud during the official ribbon-cutting ceremony in November for Ghassan Aboud Cars new HQ in Jebel Ali Freezone. Alongside him is JAFZA Chief Operating Officer Talal al Hashimi.

Ghassan Aboud Cars, a Dubai-based exporter of new vehicles, genuine accessories and spare parts, concluded 2015 with a huge impact in global automotive export industry by increasing its exporting to 106 countries — a 10 percent increase from 2014. 

The company, which achieved an annual turnover of $2 billion in business last year, has expanded to a new headquarters building in the Jebel Ali Freezone (JAFZA), Dubai, which marks the 23-year fruitful relationship they have proudly maintained with JAFZA and Dubai Ports.

“We exported over 40,000 new vehicles throughout the world in 2015, which played an important part in our success,” Oubai Shahbandar, Ghassan Aboud Group's public relations and marketing director, told Gulf News Journal. “We’ve also developed a unique state-of-the-art global logistics system that allows us to ship new quality brand vehicles, automotive parts, accessories to every corner of the world — anytime, anywhere.”

The group has also launched an international brand and digital marketing campaign with the theme “revolutionizing automotive exporting,” which focuses on the simple message of how Dubai’s free zones and ports have made it the exporting hub capital of the world and allowed the company to bridge international markets of all sizes — from China to Chile.

“We are proud to be part of Dubai’s success story,” Shahbandar said. “As a beacon of free trade and an unrivaled international business hub, Dubai’s continuing growth has allowed our company to become the leading automotive, parts and accessories exporter in the world.”

The company also enjoys exceptional success in various emerging markets in Africa. With Dubai serving as a crucial export hub to dozens of African countries, the company has built a strong and robust network throughout the continent as a result. In addition to new vehicle brands, Ghassan Aboud Cars has developed an international reputation for ensuring reliable and fast delivery of automotive parts across every region in the world — a proud accomplishment that comes as a result of the close and continuing partnership with the free zones and ports in Dubai.

The Ghassan Aboud Group, Ghassan Aboud Cars’ holding company, is now expanding its business to new areas, such as the hospitality sector, and launching exciting projects in the media sector.

“The formula for our success is simple: we deliver customized automotive solutions at unrivaled value for our customers’ money,” Shahbandar told Gulf News Journal. “We also have offices throughout the Middle East and Europe to ensure full coverage of the global export market. The heart of our business is global trade, and we pride ourselves in building and developing the long lasting trust and constant communication with our customers throughout the world and from across so many diverse cultures.”

As a global enterprise, the group remains flexible and nimble as markets shift. This business philosophy has allowed Ghassan Aboud Group to remain ahead of the curve and rapidly shift resources to meet demand in diverse markets as economic climates shift.

“Markets will fluctuate as they tend to do,” Shahbandar said. “Export business activity throughout the Middle East and North Africa — a region where we conduct significant new vehicle exports — will remain on solid footing despite the forecasts.”

Ghassan Aboud Group is also at the forefront of social and humanitarian causes as part of its corporate social responsibility. The company has taken great initiatives in this regard over the years and has been duly appreciated for them.

Chairman Ghassan Aboud was recently presented with the Global Gift Foundation’s Humanitarian of the Year award.

“This prestigious award is given to only one businessman a year and was in recognition of Mr. Ghassan’s work to fund and establish Orient Humanitarian, a relief agency that provides medical, educational and food support to over a million refugees and their children throughout the region,” Shahbandar told Gulf News Journal. “We are also a proud contributor to Dubai Cares and the wonderful philanthropic work they do for children in need throughout the region.”