GlassPoint Solar partners with Oman-based CSR firm

GlassPoint Solar has partnered with an Oman-based CSR firm.
GlassPoint Solar has partnered with an Oman-based CSR firm. | Courtesy of Shutterstock

GlassPoint Solar, a manufacturer of solar steam generators for the oil and gas industry, has enlisted the help of Sustainable Square Oman to devise a corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy.

Sustainable Square Oman, a CSR and sustainability consultancy firm, will offer GlassPoint guidance on initiatives and programs that are expected to have the most positive impact for all stakeholders involved.

"We are excited to have this opportunity to work closely with GlassPoint and develop a robust CSR program from the ground up," Sustainable Square Oman Founding Partner Shaima Al Lawati said. "We are committed to developing a niche-localized CSR program that will improve GlassPoint's business operations, optimize their internal processes and enhance the well-being of our communities."

GlassPoint is in the midst of building one of the largest solar plants in the world known as Miraah. The project, which is being done in collaboration with Petroleum Development Oman, is expected to produce significant energy savings leading to job creation and economic diversification.

"We are committed to creating long-term value for Oman that extends well beyond our solar oilfield projects," GlassPoint President and CEO Rod MacGregor said. "It's important our social responsibility strategy aligns with GlassPoint's vision and that of our stakeholders so we can contribute where it's needed most. By partnering with local experts embedded across Oman's CSR landscape, we will be able to maximize our investment and create impactful projects to benefit Oman's society, environment and economy."

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