OAMC reveals airport transformation strategy

Courtesy of Morguefile
In association with the government’s ninth five-year developmental plan, and with the leadership and vision of Sultan Qaboos, the Oman Airport Management Company (OAMC) has revealed its newest five-year business plan.

The unveiling of the plan took place at a launching ceremony for Muscat OAMC staff.

The OAMC five-year plan outlines the company’s purpose, vision and mission and presents a strategic roadmap that will lead to the achievement of these goals, the timeline of which is between 2016 and 2020.

The purpose is called “Growing gateways to beauty and opportunity” and was developed to work alongside the Sultanate’s growing tourism, transport and logistics sectors. The OAMC transformation strategy claims that Oman airports are the gateways to the country that open the doors to the beauty it contains within. Therefore, the airports, if upgraded to be state-of-the-art, will present opportunities that will enhance social and economic prosperity in Oman.

The transformation strategy has laid out guidelines for the company’s vision to make the airports of Oman ranked in the top 20 airports worldwide by the year 2020. The Muscat International Airport is currently ranked in the top 10 airports in the Middle East and is growing 7.9 percent annually.