Wison Engineering completes project in Saudi Arabia

Wison Engineering Services Co. Ltd., one of the biggest private sector chemical engineering, construction management and procurement suppliers in China, recently announced that the company’s indirect non-wholly owned subsidiary called Wison Engineering Ltd. has finished a new cracking furnace project in Saudi Arabia.

The project was finished 10 days before the planned completion date, demonstrating Wison Engineering’s ability to deliver projects under deadline in overseas markets.

“The biggest challenge we faced was how to address the complexities in the overseas market and leverage our EPC project management experience in China to ensure the seamless execution of engineering, procurement and construction management of this overseas project,” Wison Engineering’s project manager said.

“We highly appreciate the trust from the client,” Senior Vice President of Wison Engineering Zhou Hongliang said. “During the 21 months of project execution for the cracking furnace, Wison Engineering encountered the most formidable challenges in its business development. However, with the support of the client and other business partners, we successfully delivered our first overseas EPC cracking furnace project ahead of schedule in the Middle East amid fierce competition from our peers, showcasing the strengths of Wison Engineering’s overseas project management and its team. It marks a significant milestone for us, on the way to develop ourselves into a leading engineering company in the world which offers satisfactory project solutions to clients.”